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Memory tester

Post by tom_seddon » Mon Feb 03, 2020 11:07 pm

My BBC B has some kind of sporadic memory error. MartinB's memory test tool found no faults, so I decided I'd write another one:

It checks 16 K at a time (the code lives in the other 16 K), and it runs entirely without the stack, so every byte of memory can be checked.

It doesn't do anything clever, in terms of testing: it just fills memory with various values, and checks the values read back were the same. But this basic test was enough to find evidence of some memory problem with my Beeb (about which I'll make another thread), so I thought others might find it useful too.

(I suggest trying Martin's first, if you've got suspicions - if it detects a fault, it will tell you which ICs are probably faulty! Mine just prints the address of the first fault found, and you have to figure the rest out yourself.)


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