Repair Invoice - Courier damage

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Repair Invoice - Courier damage

Post by paulj » Wed May 08, 2019 10:43 pm


I bought a master with a disk drive and copro off ebay, only really wanted the co-pro but bundle was a good price. The seller wanted to collect but said he would box up for courier. He boxed it really well, but unpacking it there was a crack in the case of the master on one corner, one key had sheared off it's keyswitch, and the disk drive was out of alignment. A real shame as the condition of the master and the drive was excellent. The copro on the other had had most of the top of the case etched in with writing, but no apparent damage.

No problem I thought, I had it fully insured, so submitted a claim. It was rejected initially, but has been re-opened. I checked online and they want a repair invoice for the damage. I am not sure the case on the master can be repaired and replacements are extremely hard to find.

So would like some advice on getting a repair invoice, or something to satisfy the insurance


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Re: Repair Invoice - Courier damage

Post by 1024MAK » Wed May 08, 2019 10:57 pm

Contact Mark at RetroClinic and see if he can help. He almost certainly has spare key switches. Don’t know if has would have any cases available. Depends on if he has had to write off any Master boards.

He may also be able to issue you with an invoice for any work he does for you.

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Re: Repair Invoice - Courier damage

Post by Sniffer » Thu May 09, 2019 6:31 pm

So would like some advice on getting a repair invoice, or something to satisfy the insurance
When you say insurance, do you mean the insurance premium you paid to the parcel courier?

I had a very similar problem when I purchased a MFD for my boat. I organised the courier (Parcel2Go) and the seller packaged it up. It arrived late and damaged.

When I called to ask where my package was, they said it was late because their van had been involved in a road traffic accident and the replacement van had not had enough time to finish the round.

So, as I say, when it did arrive, it was damaged. It looked like something had pierced the packaging. Not suprisng you might think, having been involved in an RTA.

They refused my cliam saying it was inadequately packaged :D :D :D Nothing to do with being involved in an RTA.

In the end, I threatened them with the small claims court and after reopening the claim, they refused again. I then sent them a recorded letter, in the format available on the CAB website and they then coughed up.

When they asked for repair quotes I simply stated the fact that the piece of kit was no longer manufactured or supported by the manufacturer and that any potential third party repair would exceed the value of the goods.

Good luck and don't give in. Put simply, you had a contract, in law, with the courier to deliver your goods safely.
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