Myelin's Electron PiTubeDirect Interface - Support thread

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Myelin's Electron PiTubeDirect Interface - Support thread

Post by myelin » Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:06 pm

Now that some others are assembling this board, I'm starting a support thread for it. ... ube_direct

This is an Electron cartridge that takes an XC9536XL or XC9572XL chip and provides level shifting and addressing so you can connect a Raspberry Pi Zero to your machine. Not to be confused with the FX2/PiTubeDirect Tube/Cartridge Adapter -- this one JUST has the Raspberry Pi interface. If you got your board from Dave Hitchins, you're in the right place.
SW/EE from New Zealand, now in Mountain View, CA, making BBC/Electron hardware projects for fun.
Most popular: fast serial port, FX2+PiTubeDirect Tube/Cartridge adapter, USB cart interface.

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