Anyone have the original Wolfenstein 3D

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Anyone have the original Wolfenstein 3D

Post by matburton » Sun Dec 01, 2019 9:33 pm

tl;dr Does anyone have a dump of the original Wolfenstein 3D that'll work well on an A3000?

So I have a boxed version (can prove better if needed)

Sadly it's a later version with strong ARM supported added but some horrid regressions.
The music doesn't play at all correctly and it's very slow on an A3000.

I've tried the JASPP release, but that needs 4MB of RAM and I think it needs RISCOS 3.11 or greater.

Below is a comparison, both are on an A3000 with 4MB of RAM under RISCOS 3.11
Top is the version I have and bottom is the JASPP version.

My version is not al all fun to play.
I remember playing the original version, and it didn't play like the version I have :cry:

Also my version has the copy protection removed, which is no fun as I wanted to have a nosy :^o

:?: Long shot but does anyone have a dump of the original release that they'd be willing to give me?

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