Acorn User CD10 (AUCD10) patches!

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Acorn User CD10 (AUCD10) patches!

Post by philpem » Mon Nov 04, 2019 8:21 pm

Hello again!

I've had a dig through my old RISC PC's hard drive and found this little gem!

A few of you may remember the praise when Acorn User CD10 came out with a bunch of ex-commercial games on it... followed by the wailing when many were found to need patching.

Apparently past-me thought ahead and saved the website and the patches in a ZIP file, for now-me to rediscover, get excited about and share with you all!


(Side note - a lot of these are now available from JASPP, so you might find their archival copies easier to get running!)

EDIT: Theo van den Boogaert has done a bunch of StrongARM patches for a variety of games, they're here -- -- you may find them useful.
You may also find ARM Club's StrongGuard useful --
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