Oak Recorder software (SoundLab 1.5T)

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Oak Recorder software (SoundLab 1.5T)

Post by philpem » Sat Jun 29, 2019 2:11 am

I found this in my disk box and as I haven't seen it online anywhere, I figured I'd archive it here for safekeeping!

This is !SoundLab version 1.5T, copyright 1994 Oak Solutions. It's the driver software for the Oak Recorder.

Note that this doesn't work with the VTi SoundByte -- if you have one of those, you want Jason Tribbeck's "Sonor" (from www.tribbeck.com).

As for spotting the hardware -- they're usually a plastic box with a DB25 printer-port plug on one end and a microphone hardwired into the back. Unlike the VTi SoundByte, they're usually unlabelled (or at least I've never seen one with a label on it). If you open up the box, Oak sanded the labels off all the chips (*groan!*) so writing a Sonor driver isn't trivial.

Oak Recorder software, RISC OS Zip archive
(57.72 KiB) Downloaded 23 times
Oak Recorder software, ADF format
(222.22 KiB) Downloaded 21 times

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