Startdesktoptask not found @RiscOS3.7 startup

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Startdesktoptask not found @RiscOS3.7 startup

Post by BasV_NL » Tue Apr 24, 2018 7:04 pm

Hi, I've installed Risc os 3.7 (Adam Richardsons' Fancyboot) on my computer but it gives an error message:

File "StartDesktopTask" not found. [CANCEL]

When I press [CANCEL] the PC just starts and I have no issues (I think...)
I seems to work just fine

Does anybody know how I can get rid of the error message? (how to change the boot script)
Where/how to find this file somewhere on the RiscPC...or delete the call for it from the bootscript..?.

I'm pretty new on RiscOS so maybe it is very simple :lol: or very difficult :cry: ...? I don't know.
Kind regards, Bas

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