Risc PC 600 Elite and Zarch

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Risc PC 600 Elite and Zarch

Post by Sanxion » Wed Aug 16, 2017 5:48 pm

Hi all

I have just acquired a marvelous 600 to play the legendary Elite and Zarch (not knowing that most Archimedes games will not work on the Risc PC) - so please, somebody enlighten me as to where I can obtain a copy of these two games that will work on the 600 (and how to transfer them on to the machine).

Thanks :D

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Re: Risc PC 600 Elite and Zarch

Post by danielj » Wed Aug 16, 2017 6:07 pm

Ergh. I think ADFFS should let you run most disc images:

http://jaspp.huber-net.de/viewtopic.php ... 520426c4e4
Zarch hasn't been released unfortunately.

Elite, for RiscPC:

Getting things across: My preferred method is to use !ftpc and ftp things from my PC to RiscPC over ethernet. Failing that, the riscpc can read PC format floppies, drop the zip files on those, copy them to the riscpc's HDD and unzip them on there using sparkplug?

I can provide more links to things if you need them!

A3x0/A4x0/A30x0/A4000/A5000 best for games really :(


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