Emulatoring Older RISC OS.

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Emulatoring Older RISC OS.

Post by andrewvideo » Sun Apr 14, 2019 1:59 pm

It's posbile Emulate a Older RISC OS or trick older software to run. On the Amgia there something like WDLoader to run older games.

I have few programes don't run on my A3010 but run on a A3000 just fine. Bad Programming on my behalf I guest.

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Re: Emulatoring Older RISC OS.

Post by sirbod » Sun Apr 14, 2019 4:06 pm

ADFFS is the Archimedes equivalent of WHDLoad but you will need 4MB of RAM and a HD to use it with floppy images. It will present a specific version of RISC OS to a game on RISC OS 3.71 and above, but this functionality isn't required on RISC OS 3.1x as RISC OS 2.0 software can be made to work without 3rd party intervention.

There's very little difference between the A3000 and A3010 from a software perspective, issues are usually down to screen memory allocation or Module version mismatches. Check your *CONFIGURE settings on the A3010 match the A3000 and ensure you're using the same versions of FTPEmulator and CLib - if your software uses them. You can grab the latest versions from the System resources download on ROOL, should you need them.

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