An important message for new members about ABUG

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An important message for new members about ABUG

Post by JudgeBeeb » Sun May 13, 2018 10:35 am

Acorn and BBC User Group

The next ABUG meeting takes place on 1 to 3 June in Hampshire. This year we have an extra large venue and we are looking to encourage as many new faces to attend as possible. There are still plenty of places left and even a handful of rooms at the Hotel. The venue has good motorway links and is easily accessible from London and the Home Counties and from the South West and Wales. ABUG venues are usually limited for space and many have missed out on attending in the past. This year we have an amazing venue with lots of space. So if you have never come before, now's your chance.

Full details about the venue and more can be found here.

What happens at ABUG?
  • bring your own hardware to set up, show off and play with
  • time spent working on hardware and programming/games projects
  • exchange of ideas/knowledge
  • upgrade and repair of poorly Acorn machines
  • sale of items by members (not guaranteed, but there are often opportunities to buy bits)
  • lots of opportunity to play games old and knew
  • beer is drunk and food is eaten
  • I don't know anyone, will I feel out of place? Not at all. I am not going to be working on any big project this time and my primary role will be to introduce newbies and make them feel at home.
  • I am not an amazing hardware designer/programmer will I feel out of place? Not at all. Most of us aren't. Many people just come along to marvel at all the stuff to see and to shoot the **** out of stuff in White Light.
  • Is it all just blokes? Actually not. Plus the hotel is in a pleasant rural setting and has great food (and Rhubarb Gin if you are into that) and many people bring their spouses/partners for the weekend.
  • What's this about recapping? Old Beeb PSUs have capacitors that are liable to explode! if you think yours may need new capacitors buy a kit and someone will be around to help you with it (or do it for you if you prefer).
  • How much does it cost? £15 for the entire weekend. That covers entry for the entire weekend and as much unhealthy snacks and fizzy pop as you can consume. (Hot food and alcohol are able to purchase at the venue.)
  • How do I book a place? Just post in the booking thread or send me a PM
  • I would like to come, but I am not certain I can commit. Send me a PM as I may still be able to reserve a place for you.
  • I have another question. Just post below and someone will quickly respond.
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Re: An important message for new members about ABUG

Post by 1024MAK » Mon May 14, 2018 12:20 am

  • Will I need ear defenders?


(Sorry, I couldn't resist...!)

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