ANN: Xfer in C 5.2

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ANN: Xfer in C 5.2

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Just letting you know that I've updated Mark de Weger et al.'s Xfer in C file transfer software to version 5.2.

  • Enabled the CTS/RTS handshake mode for, you've guessed it, CTS/RTS handshaking serial cables. (Recipe enclosed.) After finally making up one of these, I was glad to have flow control working at last in terminal sessions to the Beeb, but Xfer used to hang.
  • More flexible INF file handling. At the moment each file still needs an INF file but it can now just have name-load-exec, or be empty altogether. If a length is present, it's checked against the file. CRC=xxxx is no longer mistaken for a length of 12.
  • Fixed command P, opens files in binary mode.
  • Faster transfers from PC to BBC - removed delays during sending that my BBC hasn't missed.
  • Menu displayed on request, so previous output doesn't scroll away
  • Crunched BASIC BBC server down to <6K.
Sincere thanks to Mark, Angus & Jon, I've always found this program handy. Mirrors welcome.


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