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Hi all, just a little drive-by post to say I've been working on the long-running patch for the FS that came with my Beeb. I'm pleased to say that the last two oddities of the old code are gone, namely:-
  • Loads and saves are trimmed to length, and loads in particular don't overrun. Player data is now preserved in Holed Out.
  • Setting PTR extends the file immediately, and the intervening bytes are cleared – A=0 is returned when this happens. Setting EXT also clamps PTR to no more than the new value.
Binaries and disassemblies are available here. At the last minute I had a change of heart and spared the old code where you could extend files instantly and play with the pointer as much as you liked – so I packaged two more versions, disassembled them and uploaded them too.
Aside from that, there is now:-
  • Support for a 320 KB format (to use .adf files in emulators – see notes), and 720 KB per side in the HD branch.
I only persevered with EDOSPAT for so long because for many years EDOS was the only ROM I knew of that interfaced with my controller. DDOS 3.16 turned up later but I still think EDOS is a cute FS in a lot of ways - it's quite adjustable and the very fact that file loads overran shows how loosely coupled it is to OSWORD &7F.

There was a bit of interest in HD back in the day, did anyone have success getting genuine HD access to work?

All the best,

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