Green shift break disc menu

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Green shift break disc menu

Post by archie456 » Mon Mar 16, 2020 1:50 pm


Back in the day when I carried a box of 5.25" discs around, I was given a copy of menu that could be used to catalogue the contents of a floppy disk.

The menu was an executable file called !Boot, when shift-break was pressed a Mode 7 menu popped up with green bars at the top of the screen, the menu catalogued the disk and displayed the file, I seem to remember you need a .B extension for it to CHAIN the file in basic and .M for it to *RUN the file.

The menu was very light weight, quick and obviously written by someone much cleverer than me, as when I tried to 'edit' it with a memory editor it refused to work displaying 'Programme corrupt'.

I remember it was a really good disk menu, and now that I’ve bought a BBC Master, I’d really like to get a copy of it again.

Does anyone know where this could be found… Hopefully my relatively poor description of the menu above might jog someone’s memory!


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