DataCentre RCOPY

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DataCentre RCOPY

Post by roganjosh » Wed Oct 16, 2019 5:16 pm

The original RCOPY utility (v1.00) supplied with the DataCentre doesn't work on, at least, a Master 128 as it needs to operate from an initialised DFS whereas it always contrives to start up from a RAMFS environment. This caused "Bad string" errors at track 00.

Having disassembled the program I've created a v1.01 source code file in Beebasm format having added the modifications needed for it to work as described in the manual. That file is now on For anyone wanting just the new executable I've attached an ssd. If your current RCOPY works fine on your platform then stick with it; you'll get no extra benefit from the new version. This has all been done with the blessing of Mark at RetroClinic.

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