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MIA Educational Software on eBay

Posted: Thu May 09, 2019 7:57 am
by flaxcottage
There are currently a number of educational titles on eBay. These are described as coming from the Newman College software library. Most are MIA.

I am bidding on the Cateby Manor and Funfair, Inform 1 and Sentence Maker Plus, Pip's Island Adventure and Fairy Tales and Wilt and Picture Play.

I know Lurkio has an interest in others.

Is anyone bidding on the other titles so that they can be preserved?

I have messaged the vendor to see if it is possible to archive any other titles before they are sold.

Re: MIA Educational Software on eBay

Posted: Tue May 28, 2019 4:46 pm
by flaxcottage
In response to a numerous request I've listed the software I managed to bag from the Newman College Software library which was being advertised on eBay.

Code: Select all

Other Worlds 2: The Inhabitant  	Ladybird Longman	
Other Worlds 1: The Explorer	        Ladybird Longman	
Junior Maths Rally A	                        Ladybird Longman	
Junior Maths Rally B                    	Ladybird Longman	
Big Bigger Biggest                      	Ladybird Longman	
Place Names	                                Resource	
Weather Studies                        	Resource	
Hendersons Computer Simulation	Resource	
Tess	                                                H&H Software	
Picfile	                                        Cambridge Micro Software	
Making Ends Meet	                        Cambridge Micro Software	
Frst Facts	                                        Resource	
LOGOsounds	                                AUCBE	
Caption	                                        MESU	
Window	                                        MESU 	this has different documentation
Flight Path	                                Storm Software	
Walk	                                                MEP	
Alpha	                                        AUCBE	needs the ROM
Computype	                                Soft Centre	
Quickcalc	                                        Beebugsoft	
1914	                                                Netherhall Software	
School Administration  COM242	        AVP	
Pic Pop	                                        Addison-Wesley	
Think Ahead	                                Fernleaf	
Shields	                                        Fernleaf	
Auntie's Gift Shop	                        Fernleaf	
Pathfinder	                                CSH	with documentation
Archeology	                                CSH	
Designer Castles	                        Data Design	this has different documentation
The Enabling Program	                Daco Software	
Display Data	                                Resource	
Qmap	                                        AUCBE	
Weather Ship Oscar	                        SDC Educational	
Nursery Rhymes	                        Longman	
Numbers Cope & Timeshare	        Fisher-Marriott	
Cuthbert Catches a Cold	                Selective Software	
Noticeboard & Chatterbox	                ESM	
The Magnus Connection	                MEP	includes VHS video tape
Inform 1	                                        Notts CC	
Concept	                                        MESU	
Toy Cupboard	                                Proteus Scenarios	
What's that Picture?	                        NW SEMERC	
Our School	                                Proteus Scenarios	
Catchup Picture Reading Scheme	NW SEMERC	
Pip Goes to the Moon	                Northern Micromedia	       this has different documentation
List Explorer	                                MESU	
Click	                                                NW SEMERC	
Infant Disc	                                NW SEMERC	
Cateby Manor	                                Resource	
The Funfair	                                Northern Micromedia	
Picture Play	                                NW SEMERC	
Wilt	                                                Longman	with documentation
Fairy Tales	                                Resource	with documentation
Pip's Island Adventure	                Northern Micromedia	
Micro Sentence Maker Plus         	Longman	
The Ballads of Robin Hood	                Notts CC	tape
Lots of documentation and catalogues

Re: MIA Educational Software on eBay

Posted: Wed May 29, 2019 7:49 am
by AndyF
Great stuff, thank you for your continued efforts.

My search for 'Newsnet' still continues, it will eventually appear. Question really that I ponder is that is one that I can remember/know about whereas there must be a shedload more of Econet based ones that I do not know about. Our version never worked anyway I traced it to a missing file, unfortunately it appeared before the 'big change around' and there was iirc no signs of the source discs after.

Perhaps ti was not very good. :D Still not the point though, it was there/exists so we need it ;) Eventually!