CIS COBOL on Torch Z80

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CIS COBOL on Torch Z80

Post by Paolo_R » Thu Mar 28, 2019 4:21 am

Back in the day when I had a Model B and Torch Z80 disc pack I ran a CPN-compatible CIS COBOL. I heve been experimenting with the BeebEm emulator and there is a CP/M disc image for the Acorn second processor on Jon Welch's site but I would like, if possible, to get the CPN version to run on the emulated Torch Z80.

Is there any one out there who has a Beeb+Z80 and a CPN version of CIS COBOL and who would be willing make a Torch BeebEm disc image for me or already has a Torch image they would be willing to provide?

Both Jon Welch and Jonathan Harston have made heroic efforts to convert the Acorn image for me but there appear to be some functions in the CPN version that make a conversion impossible.

A bit of a long shot, I know, but worth a try :D


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Re: CIS COBOL on Torch Z80

Post by jgharston » Sun Apr 28, 2019 4:49 pm

Probably not the right thread, but...

I recently updated CPMFiler to fix a few bugs, specifically:
Copy from CPN gets correct name, gets length from EX correctly, DUMP has tidier final line, tidied COPY, added (C)onfirm
It currently still doesn't deal with files with more than one extent (so larger than 32K on Acorn CPM), but now warns about it instead of copying the wrong data.

There's also MkTorch for creating a Torch CPN disk image from a collection of files, it's currently hard-wired for Windows (ie, it assumes DOS/Win filename conventions) and has fixed conversion options.

I haven't got around to getting the matching MkCPM to work properly.

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