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Disk images and Gotek floppy emulator

Posted: Wed Dec 06, 2017 11:50 pm
by jgharston
At the recent ABUG Leicester there was some experiments with a "cheap Gotek floppy emulator clone":
see photo

We found it turned its nose up at short disk images that were not the exact size that imaging all 40/80/160 tracks of a physical disk would create including all unused sectors.

I've added two updates to MkImg. The first to address this is a -p(ad) switch that pads the output file with empty data up to the disk size specified in the -s(ize) option. The second update is that it correctly translates filename characters from a DOS/Win filesystem when importing files, so eg importing "mkimg.txt" becomes the file "mkimg/txt".

We also found that DSDtoSSD and SSDtoDSD completely balls up any 16-sector-per-track disk image that was more than 80 tracks, so completely failing to do what they should do. I've fixed this as well so, eg SSDtoDSD adfsseq.img adfsint.img -spt 16 and the compementary DSDtoSSD adfsint.img adfsseq.img -spt 16 work correctly.