A couple more utilities

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A couple more utilities

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I've just added two more utilities to the collection here: https://github.com/kernelthread/Electron_SW

"tape_reader" allows your PC to read files recorded on audio cassette using a BBC or Electron. Use a standard sound recording program to record the cassette as a WAV file. I've done a small amount of testing at 8kHz, 16kHz and 44.1kHz sample rates and it seems to work. Most of the testing has been at a sample rate of 48kHz. Once you have the WAV file, run it through the tape_reader tool. Each file on the cassette should be recovered. Files named ACORNNAME on the tape will be recovered as ACORNNAME.ddd where ddd is a 3 digit decimal integer which starts at 000 and increments every time it finds another file with the same name.

"acorn2txt" converts a file in BBC BASIC tokenized format to plain ASCII text. You can choose whether line numbers are displayed or not.
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