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Scanning Standards & Tips

Posted: Sun Jun 22, 2008 1:13 pm
by Arcadian
Standard for OFFLINE Scans:
- Resolution: 300dpi
- Format: PNG (Lossless)
- Colour Pages: 24 bit colour
- B/W Pages: 8-bit greyscale

Standard for converting above for ONLINE display:
- Resolution: 150dpi
- Format: JPG (Lossy)

- Pages should be scanned FLAT/DETACHED with no curvature, and the entirety of each page should be scanned in full

- Rotate each page so completely straight
- Ensure that the edges of other pages are not visibile around the page edge
- Increase Image Contrast to remove paper texture; whilst being careful not to lose any detail (e.g. pale greys) in the process
- Edit out any other blemishes/creases

- Place black card on top of each page being scanned, to prevent text/gfx from reverse of page showing through