Swapping Drives on A310 (or A400)

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Swapping Drives on A310 (or A400)

Post by aerobaticant » Wed Mar 18, 2020 1:50 pm

I have an Arc A310 and have been using it with a Gotek drive running FlashFloppy.

The Gotek has been connected using a Watford Electronics external drive interface that I originally bought to connect a 5.25" drive for transferring files from BBC discs. I have been doing a mix of full disc copies from original Archimedes discs using the Arc itself, and imaging the discs using a Greaseweazle.

I have come across a number of apps that won't run from the hard disk, and some, notably EMR Studio24+, that will only run from ADFS floppy drive 0. This got me thinking about how to swap the drive numbers so the Gotek can be drive 0 and the internal floppy drive 1.

I was reading this thread which looks really interesting, but doesn't provide a solution for the earlier Archimedes machines.

So, as an alternative solution, I have homemade an adapted 'clone' of a Cumana floppy disc buffer with added links to allow SEL0 and SEL1 to be swapped. I have also swapped SEL0 and SEL1 going to the external drive so that it can remain set as drive 0.

A further addition has been the design of a 3D printed podule plate for the 34-way ribbon connector, a BBC style power connector, and a switch to allow the drive swap to be selected without opening the case.

If there's enough interest I can share the designs. The schematics are in OrCAD, PCB layout in EasyPC and 3D model in FreeCAD.
Front of PCB
Rear of PCB
Board installed in A310

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