IDE interfaces - hardware details

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Re: IDE interfaces - hardware details

Post by Kazzie » Sun Sep 22, 2019 11:41 am

IanS wrote:
Sun Sep 22, 2019 10:56 am
Kazzie wrote:
Sat Sep 21, 2019 6:47 pm
Having burned the original ZIDEFS to a ROM, my two partitions show up as ADFS:: filesystems rather than IDEFS:: or ZIDEFS:: ones. On the down side, my floppy drive doesn't show up with the old ROM inserted (with or without the ClassNet fitted). :?

Is this a known behavior, or have I borked this up in a new and original manner?
I hadn't really thought about it, but it's probably expected behaviour. The IDE podule is replacing ADFS, which normally handles the floppy drive, so it will probably stop the floppy from working.

The IDEFS and ADFS ROm images were only really meant for when you had an existing disk that already had hard-coded paths which would break if the filing system name changed.

I now use the different filing system names/numbers to make it possible to fit multiple podules to a single machine.
Thanks for the answer. As, in ideal world, I'd like to have access to both floppies and a network, I'll see if I can bludgeon the ClassNet's ROM into submission instead.
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