cent heating project go.....

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cent heating project go.....

Post by mr-macrisc » Tue Feb 13, 2018 9:00 pm

We'll good news....

Had an idea for a project building a smart central heating controller with Rpi risc os. Thought had an issue with 1-wire protocol but looks like solved as seems uart makes a great 1-wire interface without all the complicated timing issues.

Popped idea to the Raspberry Pie competition and won myself a PI (handy as my pi3 which was met with "wtf is that" "ok and what ya gonna do with it" has now been hijacked as a linux pc for rest of family lol.

Anyway I am away to build a smart thermostat and heating controller. 1st I'll make a basic controller app but plan on adding to it to bring in outside temp and wind speed/direction and also get it to log how long after turning heaters on it sees the change in direction of temp and again how long after going off it starts to see it drop. Eventually use all the info to get it to learn and apply adjustment factors. Hopefully my sql/sas stats and management information past will help me here with identifying patterns and building in ability to self adjust times to alter temp V time to min temp and also self adjust a correction factor in as it gains more info.

Last bit of plan (long way down line) may be to look at building up to zoned system.

Should be fun and on flip side test my patience to it's fullest.

Hopefully turn it into an article covering build and the software development as each stage is completed :)

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