LCD screen to use with A3000 (and lurker delurks!)

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LCD screen to use with A3000 (and lurker delurks!)

Post by Cutter » Sun Feb 11, 2018 3:15 pm

Have been viewing these forums for some time as an unregistered user but finally registered today - mostly prompted by a recent acquisition of the same time of machine I had in my younger days from a well known auction site! Contained an original battery which was pristine and non-leaking (!!!) but still going to get replaced.

It's probably well known already, but in case not and it helps anyone else out, the Benq BL702A monitor (still readily available from e.g. Amazon for under £100) works just fine with an A3000 with nothing more than a 9 pin male to 15 pin female VGA adapter (readily available from Maplin (part code A65QG)) - hat tip to PaulV for that as I think he mentioned the adapter somewhere on his website!

After years on a PC, I'd forgotten how the Arc boots instantly to the desktop from powering on!

Now where did I put those copies of Nevryon and Enter the Realm I'd held onto for all these years! :D

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Re: LCD screen to use with A3000 (and lurker delurks!)

Post by flaxcottage » Sun Feb 11, 2018 9:21 pm

Welcome, Cutter. The A3000 is a great ARM machine for that 'retro feel'. :D
- John

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