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Privacy Policy Update

Post by danielj » Mon May 28, 2018 6:03 pm

Hopefully as people are logging in it's getting people to acknowledge the privacy policy. Apologies I've just forced everyone to accept it again - it's been updated.

As you know, we don't send you emails, the only emails you'll ever get are to confirm your email address, and you have the option of opting out of automatically sent emails in a variety of different fashions. The only exception to this will be after 999 days of inactivity, where we will email you to remind you that you haven't logged in. You can request deletion directly from that email, but if you don't, and don't log in, we will move to remove your account not less than 14 days, but not more than a year from the date of that email. This is to ensure that we're not just holding on to lists of email addresses that are un-needed.



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