Im not dead yet.

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Im not dead yet.


Hello everyone.

I know Im not new but I have been away for a long time and I know some people have been wondering were I was.

To cut things short without the ugly bits, after a major operation last year to remove a brain clot that occurred due to mild stroke Ive spent the last 9months pulling myself together. Its not been easy but with a loving wife and kids ive been given the all clear that things seem to be back to normal.

Over the past month ive been reading through the forums and getting up to speed at what's been happing. I did try occasionaly to check out what was going on, but one of the strange things I was not allowed to do for a great deal of time was stare at computer monitors, so at times my wife would read out what you were talking about. (It felt abit like I was spying on you :) )

Anyway Im glad Im back. Ive got some personal pms to send to some of you which I will sort out over the next couple of days.

Ive also got a few questions on BBC Hard Drives I need answering.

Anyway hello gang, ive missed you.

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Re: Im not dead yet.

Post by davidb »

Welcome back!
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Re: Im not dead yet.

Post by retroclinic »

Welcome back dude, glad to hear you've pulled thru, must have been horrendous.

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Dave Footitt
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Re: Im not dead yet.

Post by Dave Footitt »

Blimey, what an ordeal

Welcome back =D>
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Re: Im not dead yet.

Post by Samwise »


Welcome back to the fold, Paul!

Glad to hear you're out of the woods. Don't go lifting any heavy beebs or breathing any acrid smoke from their PSUs! [-X

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Re: Im not dead yet.

Post by regregex »

Glad news, good to hear from you again :)

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Re: Im not dead yet.

Post by Cybershark »

Good to hear you're safe and well :)
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Re: Im not dead yet.

Post by sorvad »

Flamin' eck, glad to hear your throught the worst, Welcome back :)
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Re: Im not dead yet.

Post by AndyF »

Good to hear you're on the mend now, and welcome back.

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Re: Im not dead yet.

Post by CMcDougall »

Glad it all went well Paul & you're better :D

welcome back =D>
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Re: Im not dead yet.

Post by Greybeard »

Good Man, Paul. :)

Love has pulled you through.
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Re: Im not dead yet.

Post by Arcadian »

It's really good to have you back, Paul! :D
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Jeremy Grayson
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Re: Im not dead yet.

Post by Jeremy Grayson »

Gulp. Puts a lot of my, our or anyone else's supposed troubles into perspective, doesn't it. Congrats on pulling through, sir, and welcome back.

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