A New Old Beeb/Electron Fan

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A New Old Beeb/Electron Fan

Post by Trelach »

Hi All,

I first used a BBC Micro in the early 80s - a family friend (who worked for the BBC and was into tech) had an early BBC Model B and I spent many hours playing and coding (when I was supposed to be doing school work). I was hooked!!!

Being a skint 12 year old I could not afford my own invited myself round as often as possible to use their Beeb. Eventually I saved up for an Electron when they came out a few years later (and finally a BBC Micro after that).

I am very much of the era where the school computer was a single BBC shared between staff and the 8 or so students allowed anywhere near it. Essentially, the BBC/Electron shaped my life. I did Computer Science at O-Level, A Level and then at Uni (Teesside) and spent 25+ years working in the IT Industry (mainly as a DBA).

I jacked the heady-DBA lifestyle in and became a teacher a few years ago and now head up a Computer Science/IT department in a West London secondary school where, a few weeks ago the conversation of Retro Computing came up and I was inspired to dig out my old Beeb and Electron.

With another teacher who, unlike me, knows which end of a soldering iron to hold, we want to set up a Retro Computing Club in school next year to give them an idea of what it was like back in the day as well as to aid in their learning (and I am hoping to pick up a few hardware skills too which I sadly lack) using mainly BBCs, Electron and maybe an Atari ST.

Mark (from RetroClinic) has very kindly helped out with a few essentials to get us up and running and has pointed us to some interesting project ideas/resources to work with the pupils on. (Thank You Mark!)

No doubt I will bug people with (probably dumb) questions for which I apologise in advance.

Thanks All,



PS Currently my kit is an early model Electron (thanks Dad for driving round and queuing up so many times to make that possible) and a BBC Model B which is one of the US versions that got shipped back and re-worked for the UK market when they didnt sell (so has US Basic etc).
I also have an Atari 520 STFM but that is taking a back-burner atm
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Re: A New Old Beeb/Electron Fan

Post by Multiwizard »


welcome to this great Forum... :D

Greetings from my little Dutch Atomic Attic, Wim... :-)
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Re: A New Old Beeb/Electron Fan

Post by davidb »

Welcome! :D
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Re: A New Old Beeb/Electron Fan

Post by Elminster »

Welcome to the forum.

Ex. DBA myself but these days a Cloud Architect.

Check the hardware list in the signature below for any extra hardware dodads.
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Re: A New Old Beeb/Electron Fan

Post by MrGpG »

Hi Trelach

Science / CS teacher here.

Trying to reintroduce "boot to BASIC" kit in the classroom -- currently working on ELks (x6) -- but possibly this is a "retro dream" and I need another viable solution --- so am considering BBC Basic for Window.

Context: After seeing the Cat from Scratch bouncing all over the screen for far too many years -- I want to start a "revolution".

Like the Retro computer club -- staff, parents or students ---> or all?

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Re: A New Old Beeb/Electron Fan

Post by tricky »

Welcome, that's the best reason for a while to join up :)
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Re: A New Old Beeb/Electron Fan

Post by daveejhitchins »

Welcome to the Forum, Trelach . . . Enjoy . . .

Good luck with your "Retro" project, sound brilliant =D>

Dave H.
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Re: A New Old Beeb/Electron Fan

Post by flaxcottage »

Welcome, Trelach. :D

Good luck with your club idea.
- John

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