Hello from Nottingham

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Hello from Nottingham

Post by spludlow »

I started going through my collection of Beebs and Archimedes at Christmas, had quiet a few PSU caps release the magic smoke but I’ve got most of them booting now.

Found this site quite useful for making some repairs, still not got my Master working think the CMOS chip has had it, fix that someday maybe.

Anyway, I wanted to catalogue all my ROM chips, so I’ve been reading them and identifying them on SHA1. I thought I’d find them all in the TOSEC or MAME databases but was not finding quite a few.

So, I web scraped a bunch of Acorn sites, hashed the downloads, and put it all in a database to help me identify chips.

Thought I’d put it on a web, maybe someone here may find it useful. Still needs some work but its operational.


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Re: Hello from Nottingham

Post by Multiwizard »

Hi Sam,

welcome to this great Forum... :D

Greetings from my little Dutch Atomic Attic, Wim... :-)
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Re: Hello from Nottingham

Post by tricky »

Welcome, and thanks.
I think there was an initiative planned for doing this, but I don't know how far it got.
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Re: Hello from Nottingham

Post by flaxcottage »

Welcome, Sam. :D
- John

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Re: Hello from Nottingham

Post by lovebug »

welcome spudlow
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Re: Hello from Nottingham

Post by TonyO48 »

I've only been on this forum for week or so but what I am learning is that everybody is more competent than me. While most members are coding or fixing broken things I just break them, but in time I might be able to learn from the expertise shown by others.
Enjoy your stay here.
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Re: Hello from Nottingham

Post by davidb »

Welcome! :D
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Re: Hello from Nottingham

Post by daveejhitchins »

Welcome to the Forum, Sam . . . Enjoy . . .

Interesting collection on your website! I've already found a few things I need :D

Dave H.
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