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Null modem a4000<->PC using RS-232<->USB

Posted: Sat Apr 18, 2015 10:41 pm
by jamesfmackenzie
Hi All,

I have one of the following RS-232<->USB cables: ... ICUSB2321F

Can I use this for file transfer / networking between a Windows machine and an A4000?

I've read that the A4000 has a standards-compliant serial interface, so this cable should theoretically work, right?

My initial aim is just to send some data back-and-forth ... but in the longer term I'd like to browse the Internet on the A4000 - just to see it work :-)

I know it's going to be slow, but this is a good starter project for me. Can someone point me in the right direction re: what software I need on the Acorn and PC side?