BBC BASIC for SDL 2.0 version 1.08a released

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BBC BASIC for SDL 2.0 version 1.08a released

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Just released, version 1.08a of BBC BASIC for SDL 2.0 - the cross-platform programming language for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Raspbian, Android and iOS. The changes in this version are as follows:
  1. BASIC Interpreter / Run Time Engine

    The version of SDL supplied with the Windows, MacOS and iOS editions has been updated to 2.0.10. This version has the new float-coordinate rendering functions, in case you want to experiment with them. Note that there are significant changes in SDL which impact BBC BASIC, so if you notice anything not working properly please report it. (The Android edition is still at 2.0.5; the build tools being used don't work with later versions).

    Fixed a bug which sometimes required the use of '*run command' when '*command' should have worked (64-bit and ARM editions only).

    Fixed a bug which, in rare circumstances, could cause the INSTALL statement to hang (64-bit and ARM editions only).

  2. IDEs and Utilities

    SDLIDE: Goto Line (Ctrl+G) can now be executed by pressing Enter as well as clicking the OK button.

    SDLIDE: The customisable 'wheelspeed' value no longer affects clicking on the scrollbar arrows.

    Compiler: Fixed a bug causing single-capital-letter variables like A&, B# and C$ not to be crunched to 'fast' variables (they still won't be if also used as structure members).

  3. Libraries

    Modified '' so that if an error occurs in PROC_invert() the LOCAL variables are restored (an error is to be expected if the matrix is non-invertible).

    Modified '' to improve the listbox drag-scroll functionality.

    Updated '' to be 64-bit compatible.

  4. Example Programs

    Added '' (in the examples/general folder) which demonstrates that an axis-aligned ellipse can be defined by four points. This program is also compatible with BBC BASIC for Windows.

    Added '' (in the examples/general folder) to demonstrate fitting a smooth curve to a set of data points. This program is also compatible with BBC BASIC for Windows.

    Added '' (in the examples/general folder) to demonstrate detecting multiple touch points. Requires a touchscreen or a multi-touch trackpad.

    Modified 'SkyBaby' to include a 'dynamic grid' in the SkyView display (requested by a user). As you zoom in the grid spacing gets finer; the grid lines are labelled with the altitude and azimuth in degrees.
This new version may be downloaded, for all the supported platforms, from the usual location. The GitHub repository has been updated (used to build the MacOS, Raspbian, iOS and 64-bit Linux editions, currently).

Please remember that if you use the Android Application Generator you should download a new APK template to ensure that any updates to the run-time engine are incorporated in your own apps.
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