BBC BASIC for SDL 2.0 version 1.07a released

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BBC BASIC for SDL 2.0 version 1.07a released

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Version 1.07a of BBC BASIC for SDL 2.0 - the cross-platform programming language for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Raspbian, Android and iOS - has been released. The changes in this version are as follows:
  1. BASIC Interpreter / Run Time Engine

    User-defined characters may be used even if *FONT is active (improving compatibility with BB4W).

    Removed a workaround (for Linux only) which was supposed to fix a bug in SDL2, but didn't (and hopefully SDL will be fixed one day).

    Fixed a couple of minor bugs in the antialiased 2D graphics extension.

  2. IDEs and Utilities

    Modified the Cross Reference utility to make use of the updated Treeview library.

    The speed with which the mouse wheel scrolls SDLIDE's editing pane is controllable by adding e.g. 'wheelspeed=3' to sdlide.ini. If you prefer Mac-style 'backwards' scrolling you can specify a negative value (listboxes are unaffected however).

    The Help Topics and Tutorial menu selections in SDLIDE link to BBCSDL-specific pages at the website, allowing customisation if required.

  3. Libraries

    Modified '' so listboxes can be scrolled by dragging the list (as well as using the scrollbar).

    Svein's Treeview library has been updated to support a vertical scroll bar.

    Modified '' to support dotted and dashed (straight) lines.

  4. Example Programs

    Added '' (in the examples/general folder) which is a simple Planetarium program showing positions of stars, planets etc. in the sky. Loosely based on an old BBC Micro program.

    Modified '' to demonstrate a dot-dashed straight line.

    Modified '' and '' to protect against a potential (but unlikely) sound-effect crash.
This new version may be downloaded, for all the supported platforms, from the usual location. The GitHub repository has been updated (used to build the MacOS, Raspbian, iOS and 64-bit Linux editions, currently).

Please remember that if you use the Android Application Generator you should download a new APK template to ensure that any updates to the run-time engine are incorporated in your own apps.
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Re: BBC BASIC for SDL 2.0 version 1.07a released

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Here are some screenshots of the SkyBaby 'planetarium' application featured in this release:

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