Windows disk imaging tools.

discuss PC<>Acorn file transfer issues & the use of FDC, XFER, Omniflop/disk etc.
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Windows disk imaging tools.

Post by Prime » Sun Sep 11, 2016 10:09 pm

Hi all,

As I said in another thread I recently hacked the BIOS of my Shuttle SN68SG2, to re-enable support for mutliple and 5.25" drives.
Currently the machine has OpenSUSE Linux X64, Windows XP (32 bit), Windows 98, though the GUI is not currently working and PC-DOS 7.01 / PC-DOS 2000.

I actually mostly use Linux for reading / writing disk images as it has command line tools for configuring the parameters of the floppy drive so you can set no of heads, tracks, density, sectors per track etc and then just use dd to copy an image to / from the disk.

However I know some of you use disk tools** that are windows based (omniflop is the one that was being discussed recently), do these work on Windows 7 32 BIT I know a lot of them won't work on 64 bit XP, Vista, 7,8, 10 etc. The reason I ask is that it would be good to replace XP which is out of support with something more modern. The machine only has 4GB of RAM so that shouldn't be a problem.

**Not just Acorn tools, if any of you have experience with tools for other retro computers would welcome input there too.



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