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ShortList magazine

Post by regregex »

I don't post very often these days, but I notice tomorrow's ShortList magazine has gone all retro gamey. It's its first interactive issue apparently but I wouldn't know, my 'dimphone' can only take a picture of it :)
There's an article on Pong, the inevitable '20 greatest retro games' list and a number of scannable games such as the one on the front cover (that'll keep Samwise busy ;) )
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Re: ShortList magazine

Post by Samwise »

I managed to pick up a copy of this freebie magazine, as it happened to be lying around in a pub I was in, catching up with an ex-housemate who was back in the area. I also noted there are still a few copies being punted on eBay, if anyone is desperate for one.

It uses an iOS / Android app called Blippar to do the recognition stuff. The magazine is full of opportunities to use it, on many of the internal pages, but if you have such a smartphone you can play their version of Chuckie Egg just by holding your phone up to Greg's picture - it works well enough with my phone.

The version of the game itself is, of course, terrible. It's a hastily put-together Flash-like affair which actually mixes the sprites from the Spectrum and the BBC version together. It plays terribly and the level designs are only barely recognisable.

Still, the 3D picture of the magazine cover looks like quite good ... but it's not really a new tech - I got a similar app with the Blu-Ray version of Jurassic Park that I bought. Entertaining for about a minute, but you'll want to uninstall it after that. ;)

I'll get round to writing it up on the CE site one day ...

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