BBC Micro Books & Sideways ROMS For Sale

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BBC Micro Books & Sideways ROMS For Sale

Post by MelvoG » Tue Jun 29, 2004 11:37 am

Following the sale of my treasured BBC Master last year I now have the following items up for sale at a VERY reasonable price:<br>
Creative Graphics On The BBC Microcomputer<br>
Graphics Programming On Your BBC Micro<br>
Advanced Machinecode Techniques For The BBC Micro<br>
BBC Guide To The BBC ROM<br>
Advanced Graphics With The BBC Model B Microcomputer<br>
The BBC Micro - An Expert Guide<br>
How To Write Adventure Games For The BBC Microcomputer Model B and Acorn Electron<br>
Cracking The Code On The BBC Micro<br>
Applied Assembly Language On The BBC Microcomputer<br>
The BBC Micro ROM Book - Sidewayds ROMS And RAMS<br>
Sideways ROMS (no manuals)<br>
(In a Master ROM cartridge)<br>
Master ROM<br>
Acorn User Printer Dump<br>
Exmon II<br>
If anyone is interested in all or any of the items please drop me a line at the following email address:<br>