High score challenge - The Rules.

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High score challenge - The Rules.

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The Stardot high score challenge is an informal games competition, between members of stardot, there are no prizes; there is no entry fee; it's all just for fun.

Each round of the competition will last for two weeks. The round will begin at 9pm on a Monday night and will run until 8.59pm of the Monday 2 weeks later. Each season will last 10 weeks. Your game scores must be posted within the gaming time limit to constitute a good score.

We play BBC micro games, using the standard BBC B version of the game unless there is a compelling reason to use a different version.

A disk image containing the version of the game to be used will be linked to in the first post of the thread for that round of the competition.

Games are chosen at random from a list of nominations from participants in the competition. Each player will nominate up to 3 games to enter the list of games used to select from. Each player should nominate 3 games which have not already been nominated. Any duplicates will be removed from the list to ensure each game is played in only one round of the competition.

Only one game from the previous season may be nominated. This will be decided by a fourth nomnination from each player for a game from the previous season, the game with the most nominations will be added to the list of nominated games.

Games from two or more seasons ago can be nominated as normal.

Scores are to be posted in the competition thread along with a screen shot or photograph of the screen showing the score. Scores must be obtained within the time the round is running - you can't post your best score from 1984.

You can post as many scores as you like but only your highest will count in the final table. Try to post high scores as you achieve them as this will give other competitors a chance and to better you and a reason to keep playing. Waiting until 8.58pm on Monday night to post your highest score would not be in the spirit of the competition and will be frowned upon.

The high score table will be updated regularly, hopefully daily so that you can keep up to date on how well (or badly) you are doing.

No cheating - at all! No cheat modes, pokes or exploits to be used at all. Anyone found cheating will be excluded from that round.

Using text, hex or graphical editors to create 'false' high scores is strictly forbidden.

Save states are not to be used.

Auto-fire - hmm. Personally I don't like it and have never used it but some people do. For now it's not allowed but if anyone wants to use it start a discussion in the gaming forum and this may change.

Points whoring is not allowed. Standing next to a portal where infinite enemies emerge, shooting them using your infinite ammo supply for 17 hours straight does not sound like fun to me.

Feel free to keep on posting scores after the round has finished. They will not count towards the competition but it's a good way of keeping interest up in a game and the competition in general

Scoring for the competition will be on the same basis the yakyak.org lleague's system which is :

The method: Lleague Points = (YS / BS * 50) + ((NOP - YP + 1) * (50 / NOP))

YS = Your Score
BS = Best Score
NOP = Number of Players
YP = Your Position
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