UIM variant

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UIM variant

Post by scarybeasts » Sat Aug 15, 2020 8:09 am


[edit: actually attached the zip]

I've found what could be an interesting UIM variant. I must admit, UIM passed me by back in the day. It looks like a decent sized production though so perhaps it has a fan club?

I've attached a zip with the two variants (40 track side) in HFE format.

It's a DFS formatted disc, enabling quick comparison of individual files, as shown here using the new FCRC in discbeast:


UIM-1 and UIM-2 are different but they are loader files which might be less interesting. However, the largest file (main game data?) UIM-7 is different, as is UIM-B and BROGAN (is that like a Commander Jameson?).

HFE files are a little harder to work with unless you're using beebjit. If anyone happens to be interested in UIM history, I can copy the files to a couple of SSDs if that would be useful (I don't think the game is protected).

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