Deathstar "inbuilt cheat"

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Deathstar "inbuilt cheat"

Post by joachim » Sun Dec 16, 2018 3:37 am

Micro User and Electron User respectively published cheat keys for the BBC and Electron versions of Deathstar. Copied here from the STH cheats page:
[BBC version]
If you press Caps Lock + Control + Escape you will be promoted to the next level. You still have your current quota of starbombs, but the DeathStar's progress will be reset to zero, so that you have more time to collect the remaining crystals.

[Electron version]
When playing the game, press the Caps Func + Q + 1 keys together. This restarts you on the current level with a full quota of starbombs.
My question is: it seems suspicious that in both cases the key combination looks like something that would trigger a "phantom" Escape press on the key matrix. Is it possible that this cheat is an unintended side-effect of some Escape handling code, rather than a deliberate inbuilt cheat? I'm imagining that somehow the "restart level" code gets run in an inconsistent state which is a mixture of the level-completed state and the Escape-pressed / level-failed state.

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