Citadel Disassembly / Reassembly v0.1

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Citadel Disassembly / Reassembly v0.1

Post by Diminished » Mon Oct 08, 2018 3:43 pm

Roll Your Own Citadel:
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Here's the README:

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Citadel BBC Reassembly
v0.1, 8th October 2018

Original game by Michael Jakobsen
Disassembly / reassembly by 'Diminished'


  This is a set of files -- including reverse-engineered source code  -- that
  will enable you to build a Model B version of Citadel.

  - BeebAsm (

  - 6502 source:
    - citadel.asm   main source file; assembly directives are in here (D_*)
    - consts.asm    most of the constants (C_*); chained by citadel.asm
    - vars.asm      memory locations of variables and tables; chained by
    - shim.asm      short move-down routine and final initialisation code;
                    chained by citadel.asm
  - BASIC source:
    - loader.bas    the BBC BASIC loader used to launch the game
  - Data:
    These are pure data files and no code resides in them, although certain
    parts of x740.bin encompass regions which are used by the game as
    - x600-f.bin    female player sprite data residing at &600 (320 bytes)
    - x600-m.bin    male player sprite data residing at &600 (320 bytes)
    - x740.bin      main data file; mostly room/tile data and room names,
                    starting at &740 (7,616 bytes)
  - Others:
    - template.ssd  a BBC disc image used by BeebAsm as a template; it contains
                    a single file called JEZEBEL, which is just a Beeb-native
                    copy of loader.bas
    -      a bash script which may be used to build the game
    beebasm -i citadel.asm -do jezebel.ssd -di template.ssd -v
  which will create a disc image called jezebel.ssd with everything you need
  to run your newly minted game. Put the image somewhere appropriate, and then
  CHAIN "JEZEBEL" to load the game.
  If you are building on a system with bash, you can use the provided
  to build the game. You may need to edit the file so the correct path to
  BeebAsm is specified.
  If you are looking for things to modify, consts.asm is definitely the place
  to begin, along with the directives (D_*) at the top of citadel.asm.
  - picking up the very first energy flask in the game emits the wrong sound

  There are some problems with relocating pieces of code. In particular,
  if you are building a non-retail version (D_RETAIL = 0) with a keyboard
  control scheme (D_CONTROL_SCHEME < 4) it ought to be possible to 
  reclaim the bytes before the keyboard map (T_KEYMAP) that are usually
  reserved for the absent and slightly larger joystick routine. However,
  reassembling all the code north of this point at a lower address causes
  serious player sprite corruption, and the reason is currently unknown. Note
  that this bug seems to persist even using an (emulated) CMOS 6502 which
  lacks the JSR page boundary bug, which I originally suspected to be the
  culprit. The D_NON_RETAIL_PADDING_BEFORE_KEYMAP flag exists for this reason
  and should be set to 1 for non-retail builds to ensure that the unused
  joystick routine bytes are reserved as in the retail versions.
  Disassembly / reassembly is a work in progress, so some variables and
  routines are still poorly labelled and understood, and mistakes are likely.
  There is currently no Master 128 support; you can only use this to build for
  the Model B.

  I wanted the simplest possible loader setup, without the need for arcane
  assembly language initialisation routines and multi-stage relocations.
  So JEZEBEL (a.k.a. loader.bas) changes to MODE 2 straight away, and sets up
  nearly all of the OS and CRTC parameters needed by the game right there in
  BASIC. It then disables the cursor and performs a *OPT 1,0 to suppress any
  filing system messages, before quite happily loading 16K of 400IMG plus the
  small move-down/final initialisation shim into "live" video RAM. This
  simplifies everything greatly, but has the disadvantage that any filing
  system errors (particularly cassette filing system errors) will not be
  reported to the user.
  The only functions performed by SHIM, the tiny piece of 6502 initialisation
  code, are moving down the main code to &400, setting up the stack
  and enabling the OS vector that allows the game to react to vertical sync.
  The run-time patching performed by the game's retail loader for choosing
  the gender of the player sprite and the control method has also been
  simplified out of this implementation. Player sprite and control scheme
  selection are implemented here as traditional conditional assembly
  language directives (in consts.asm), so if you want to support all ten
  combinations (five control schemes and two genders) then you will need to
  assemble the game ten times.
Bonus tape UEF image containing a reassembled game. No control scheme selection, title screen, gender selection or complicated loader means that this ought to be the fastest way to load the game from tape (although it still suffers from the flask audio bug mentioned above, so not quite perfect):
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Re: Citadel Disassembly / Reassembly v0.1

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Re: Citadel Disassembly / Reassembly v0.1

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