News keeping documentation for the BBC Micro and Acorn computers alive. Mon, 20 Feb 2012 23:16:24 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb Master Compact John Simpson has sent in the Master Compact Application Notes which gives details of the differences between the Master 128 and the Master Compact along with the Master Compact Service Manual, both in pdf. I have taken the liberty of inserting an OCR layer underneath to aid searching.

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Forth Disassembly disassembly he did of the BBC Forth ROM. The resulting assembly listing has few comments but is sufficient to be re-assembled.]]> (Mark Usher) Latest Mon, 30 May 2011 14:52:42 +0000 Forth Forth on the BBC Microcomputer. This is in nearly 14MB of pdf so it might take a little time loading and according to Steve apparently there are at least two other people on the planet interested in it.]]> (Mark Usher) Latest Thu, 21 Oct 2010 17:10:59 +0000 MDFS Manual MDFS Manual 1.00

Improvements to the scan by Andrew Rawlins from Ian Wolstenholme's manual. Chapters merged into one PDF file with bookmarks and corrigenda pages split out from their inserted places to make numbering work properly. OCR layer added and an index embedded.

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FileStore The FileStore Service Manual for models E01/E01s/E20/E20s/E40s/E60s has been updated. Corrections have been made to the original OCR and v2 produced; the large circuit diagrams joined instead of being split over pages. The PDF has these images contained in the PDF and a linked contents and bookmarks have been added.

From Chris Whytehead's site the Filestore Brochure APP150 and a list of Econet Error Codes have been added, along with the Acorn FileStore Dealer Test Disk.

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IEEE user guide and 1770 schematic J. G. Harston has contributed a OCR'd and retypset version of the IEEE 488 Interface User Guide which is also available at his own MDFS.NET site. Retroclinic mastermind Mark Haysman has kindly provided his 1770 disk interface logic schematic for public consumption. The previous 1770 circuit diagram has been converted from .gif to .tif format as it was causing a few problems.


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pre-production BBC leaflet Richard Simmons has sent over a .pdf copy of the G2 BBC Micro System advert. He mentions that this was a pre-production information leaflet and was distributed to BBC employees at the time who could buy a system with a staff discount. Hugh Vance has been keeping busy and has added the Dabs Hyper Driver Quick Reference Card.

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Site updates Have sorted out the problem that was causing some pdf files not to download in Internet Explorer. Harry Axten has kindly scanned in the PRISM Modem 2000 Direct Connect Modem Specification and Instructions for use. Hugh Vance has also been very busy the last couple of weeks contributing "Eureka, 64K RAM card for the BBC Micro" (Wat. Elec.), "The Complete Mouse User Guide for the BBC Micro" (Wat. Elec.), Superior Software Order Form / Catalogue 1987 and Micro Power's Draw. Also some for the Electron, Slogger's disk-based Mouse Paint, "Me & My Micro" a book based on the Yorkshire TV series, Business Games, Chess and Masterpieces of Software from Acornsoft.

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Master 128 Circuit / Slogger RX / Peartree Cartridge Tim Harrison has scanned in the Master 128 Schematic and Hugh Vance has been busy donating the Slogger Electron RX and Master Peartree RAM/ROM cartridge instructions. Shaun Buckley has also made a contribution with a revised edition of the Solidisk EPROM programmer that contains some of the revised commands.

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Logotron Tutorial Greg Cook has added the Logotron Tutorial all neatly OCRed. Now there is no excuse for not re-programming your turtle into a vacuum cleaner or lawn mower. Greg has also supplied the BPlus User Guide in rtf format complete with annotations.

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