Acornsoft Termulator Manual

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Acornsoft Termulator Manual

Postby JimRussell » Tue Jun 14, 2016 8:11 am

Would like to obtain an Acornsoft Termulator manual as I want to know what escape sequences to send to control the BBC text colours and graphics. Happy with a photocopy or scan if no original is available

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Re: Acornsoft Termulator Manual

Postby jgharston » Tue Jun 14, 2016 3:36 pm

Googling shows a picture of the manual that looks familar - I may have one. I'll have a dig around. I'm going to a meeting in a mo, so it won't be immediately.

In ANSI mode it will recognise standard ANSI colour sequences, eg CHR$27;"[";num;"m"; where num is 30-37 for text colour 0 to 7. How many colours are actually displayed will be dependant on the screen mode you're in.

There's a sequence where you can instruct it to switch to BBC VDU mode, and then you just send standard BBC VDU sequences, for example CHR$17;CHR$n to select text colour.

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Re: Acornsoft Termulator Manual

Postby IBM portable PC » Wed Nov 16, 2016 7:58 am

Any luck finding this manual #-o
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