The Sting

if a game from either archive (bbc or electron) isn't working properly, please document it here
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The Sting

Postby Jeremy Grayson » Thu May 16, 2002 4:05 pm

I loved Gemini Software's bear-a-thon The Sting first time around but am having no joy at all with the version on 'ere. Loading is interrupted partway through - after STING2 is loaded, I think - to tell me a file has not been found at line whatever. LISTing the given line shows that the filename "STING3" has been entered as <br>
"STING 3", with a gap. However, whilst ridding the filename of the offending gap allows the game to load at last, the whole thing crashes after the first sheet has been cleared, leaving you with a black screen depicting the key moves you'd made on that sheet, ie ZXZX*?*XZX?*ZZZX? etc. and an error! Are the two problems related? Why should one character space make such a difference if so? Help! I've got bears to rescue!!<br>
(NB In responding, please bear in mind that I'm using a real program on a real disc on a real Beeb here (rather than an emulator), and that my ignorance of machine codes, routines, call addresses, etc. is nigh on absolute!)<br>
Cheers in advance,<br>

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