RiscOS 3.10 Uniboot module versions

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RiscOS 3.10 Uniboot module versions

Postby Andy1979 » Sun Apr 16, 2017 10:40 am

It seems that I've forgotten a few things during my 20yr absence from RiscOS. I also have very limited time to play, which keeps curtailing my problem solving, so apologies if the answer to this is already included in the forums. I have read a few online resources, including Paul Vigay's excellent Uniboot guide.

So far I've set up my A3010 (with RiscOS 3.10 in ROM) with a clean version of Uniboot.

Mostly it's working as expected, but as I've started installing some apps I've encountered module errors. For example !ArcWeb is asking for filter manager 0.18, and *Help shows me I'm running 0.08. However, my !Boot.Resources.!System.310.Modules directory already contains the requested version 0.18, and if I *RMLoad this, !ArcWeb starts fine (slow, but fine :lol: ).

I had a similar issue when getting !PocketFS to talk to my Psion 3A. I have RiscOS 3.10, so need the serial patch, and although these modules (including SerialDev 0.22) are in my !System folder, according to *Help I'm still running version 0.21. I've manually patched the Uniboot script to *RMLoad these.

Lastly I tried PsiFS and this is asking for MessageTrans 0.27. I think I have version 0.23 in ROM. Don't seem to be able to find a later version of this.

I had thought that Uniboot was supposed to Unplug the old versions in ROM and load the newer ones. While that's working for e.g. Window Manager, the examples above suggest something isn't quite right.

One thought I had is whether the machine isn't picking up the !System folder within !Boot and thinks that it's elsewhere? (I did have a !System folder in the root directory of the hard disc but have now deleted it).

Any help appreciated.

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Re: RiscOS 3.10 Uniboot module versions

Postby helpful » Sun Apr 16, 2017 2:45 pm

UniBoot only loads those few modules that can't be loaded dynamically when in use, such as the toolbox and window manager.

Having said that, IIRC FilterManager is a module that can't be replaced once it is in use, which is maybe why ArcWeb (wow, blast from the past!) complains about the version but doesn't attempt to load the new one. Although as you managed to RMLoad it, I might be talking rubbish!

Either add an it to the UniBoot or try editing the !ArcWeb.!Run file to add an RMEnsure FilterManager 0.18 RMLoad System:Modules.FilterMan

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Re: RiscOS 3.10 Uniboot module versions

Postby Andy1979 » Mon Apr 17, 2017 5:16 pm

Thanks Bryan - at least that suggests Uniboot isn't broken, it just needs modifying for the modules I find I need.

Been in Norfolk with the family over Easter, so not had chance to play.

Not sure if there's a more up to date browser for RiscOS 3.10? Probably have an equally outdated copy of Webster somewhere.

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Re: RiscOS 3.10 Uniboot module versions

Postby Andy1979 » Wed Apr 19, 2017 6:49 pm

Some success. Set up RPCEmu on my PC and used !Zap to save MessageTrans from RiscOS 3.6 ROM to HostFS, copied it to a floppy, and put it in !System on the A3010. Also had to update Toolbox within !System, so went with latest version from Risc OS Ltd (1.71).

!PsiFS now working beautifully. It's a nice piece of software, much better than !PocketFS and great that it runs given it was written 10yrs after the computer was built. Even seems stable at 19200 baud which !PocketFS wasn't.

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