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GOSDC STH Games Browser

Postby rharper » Sat Jul 15, 2017 4:01 pm

John kindly provides a system for putting the STH games collection on a SD card for the GOSDC.
There are a couple of ways for finding discs - a fast search and the Menu system.
However these both involve filters and using wild-cards and are fine if you know what you are looking for but not so good for browsing or if you haven't used them for a while and forgotten the best approach.
After creating a browser for the Acorn Electron World games archive I decided to use a similar approach for the GOSDC STH games.
The browser presents over 50 screens for the approx. 1300 games which are organised alphabetically by publisher and by game with the ability to switch between the two and to jump to the screen starting any alphabetical character.
A game can be loaded to the SDCDisc or SDCExtra.
I have not included the Cheats in the databases and the D. prefix is missing, added in the browser.
The games are all DFS so this is also on a DFS disc hence you will need PDFS224 installed.
There are at least a couple of ways to put the attached disc image on the SD card, e.g. burn to a disc with Omniflop and then to GOSDC with *SDCTOOL SDCADI DN $1$ name (without PDFS224).

Ray :)
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