ART 4 Windows

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ART 4 Windows

Postby FourthStone » Tue Oct 24, 2017 8:48 am

ART 4 Windows has been in on and off development over the past year or so and now has a home on Github.

It is being developed in BBC Basic 4 Windows and is compiled into a Windows exe. BBC Basic was chosen as it is easy to understand how everything is programmed, plus I really love BBC basic!

The original inspiration for ART 4 Windows came from a simple BBC basic program jointly programmed by various people on this site, see the full development history here:

Currently the program supports mode 2 (160x256 8 colour) with a dithered palette and various drawing tools, effects, undo, with saving and loading in bmp format. The project is still in early days so there is a lot of room for improvements and feature development.

Pixelblip has created some amazing art with the various ART versions in this thread:

If interested please download, play, modify, create art and suggest improvements: