6502 Tracing Disassembler with BeebAsm and Lancs/ADE output

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6502 Tracing Disassembler with BeebAsm and Lancs/ADE output

Postby Coeus » Fri Apr 14, 2017 1:49 pm

As first announced in viewtopic.php?f=3&t=10621&p=166256#p166114, I came across a 6502 tracing disassembler that was originally for other 6502-based micros. I have fixed some bugs and enhanced it by adding the ability change the output so as to be compatible with BBC assemblers. At the moment the choice, in addition to the original output format, is between BeebAsm, for cross-assembly, and the Lancaster University assembler written by Alan Phillips and distributed with the BBC version of Kermit, for native assembly. SO far, the configuration for each assembler is just a set of printf format strings so adding a new one may be quite trivial.

The source is on Atlassian BitBucket at https://bitbucket.org/SteveFosdick/dis6502 and also on GitHub at https://github.com/SteveFosdick/dis6502. It was clearly written with Unix/Linux systems in mind but it could probably be made to compile for Windows with MingW.

This is building on the work done by Robert Bond, Udi Finkelstein, Eric Smith, and Peter H. Froehlich.