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Dolphin Columns

Postby BeebMaster » Mon Sep 25, 2017 4:59 pm

I use Ubuntu, with xfce4 desktop as standard, and Dolphin as my file manager of choice, although it isn't part of xfce4 and has to be installed separately. I've never got along with Nautilus, and Thunar is just too simple for my needs, only remembering the last choice of view settings so I can't have some directories in date order and some in alphabetical order, for example. Dolphin lets me do that, remembering the choice for every directory ever opened, and it counts and lists the number of entries in a sub-directory as the "size" which is very handy, instead of listing the amount of disc space the directory takes up, which Thunar does.

However there are two things I want Dolphin to do which I can't make it do. One of them it used to do, but stopped doing a version or 12 ago, and the other doesn't work.

The first is show Access date and Modified date of files. It used to do this in two separate columns. Now all you get is "Date" (which I think is accessed date but I'm not clear.) Can anybody tell me how to add an extra column so I am back to two columns of access and mod. date? Also a column for creation date would be good, apparently (and stat or something or other proves it) ext4 can now record the creation date for local files, although getting a remote file system to return its creation date is still a problem.

The second thing is making use of the extra columns that Dolphin allows, like Image dimensions, for picture files, and Duration for sound files, but none of these columns ever show any data. I've read up in the past about needing to do things with Baloo or Nepomuk but I've never got it off the ground. Any ideas?

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Re: Dolphin Columns

Postby flaxcottage » Mon Sep 25, 2017 5:46 pm

I looked up and saw this flying over my head. :lol:
- John

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